October 2, 2009

Pet Shop Boys Babies Are Fackin' Fine, Thanks, And YouTubing


Welcome to another in Daddy Types' ongoing series of reports on how babies in music videos turned out: We have it from unassailably authoritative sources [*cough* YouTube comments] that at least three of the nine rent-a-babies the Pet Shop Boys' 1989 video, "It's Alright," are doin' just fine and would like you to subscribe to their YouTube channels.

  1. Joshii5 went with his sitter's kid, Johnathan, "[one of] the black one[s]." His short film "Psychosis" is described as "a representation of a bad trip."

  2. xXxMazInsanexXx's friends haven't called her that for like two years. She now goes by Maz Murder 101 and is the bass player for The Dead Heroines. Her mum was working in music video production at the time.

  3. therealBosboy, who is presumably not Johnathan or we would've heard about it by now, is best known [on YouTube] for "Money Pussy Weed," his remix/reordering of the L'il Wayne classic, "Pussy Money Weed." Actually, it's mostly just the chorus.

We will keep this list updated as more PSB babies come forward with new inspirational videos. Stay tuned.

Pet Shop Boys, "It's Alright" [youtube via sullivan]


That is ridiculously depressing. Hopefully it's some kind of pet shop curse- (makes me fear for my kid).

its not as bad as u think tbh.... i think its cool that i was a ''famous baby of the 80's'' haha
but yeh im baby number 2, yet have put a pic of my guitarist up instead of me lol


Haha! i've just found this link with a bit of googling, I am one of these babies, The one with the huge head at 3:00

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