September 28, 2009

Cradles Of Yesteryear From Auctions Of Yesterday


I love this great, old timey rolling cradle. I can put up with a lot of wicker to get close to those awesome wooden wheels.


Meanwhile, I like the existence of this 100-year-old, wind-up rocking cradle more than the thing itself. Add the Lullabye Automatic Cradle Mfg. Co. of Stevens Point, Wisconsin to the vast-yet-undertold history of technology-based solutions to a crying baby.

Both cradles are in a big multi-estate sale at Midwest Auctions in Oxford, Michigan on the 27th of September--whoops, which was yesterday. Damn you, incessant March of Time!

Lot #367: Late 19th C. Baby Cradle on Wheels, est, $200-400 [auctionflex]
Lot #455: Early 20th C. American Child's Wooden Cradle, est. $200-300

1 Comment

I have one of the wind-up rocking cradles in my storage in my basement. Passed down from my grandparents.

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