September 18, 2009

From Ford's Dept Of Awesome/Horrible Ideas


After bugging my dad for months asking why we couldn't get a Citroen Karin, I learned not pay too much mind to concept cars.

So the downright goofiness in the Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept of storage bins that can only fit walkie talkies or backpacks of a certain shape? No problem, it's just the concept of a family-friendly car, not the reality of a family-friendly car.

Still. The concept of a kid breaking out the Legos on the road? Why not just put in a fold-down sandbox?


Meanwhile, just as I'm looking at that rainbow striped scooter helmet under the seat and wondering who Friends With You contacts to get their concept back, I zoom in, and find out it's an actual product. Nutcase Helmets. Only the rainbow [called Candy Swirl, btw] is only available in big sizes, not the Little Nutty toddler/kid size.

The next closest thing is Dots, which is, of course, British artist Damien Hirst's concept. Still, rainbows I could live with.

Buy Little Nutty helmets by Nutcase, $45 []

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I knew I'd married the right man when he ordered the Evil Knievel Nutcase helmet:

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