September 16, 2009

Made From Cribs: Residue Chair By Huib Muilwijk


You know the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, this is exactly like that.

Except that instead of life, it's a business designing and making cribs on a CNC router.


And instead of you, it's Dutch designer Huib van Muilwijk and his studio Made by Midas.

And instead of lemons, it's the leftover pieces of ply shaped like giant popsicle sticks.

And instead of lemonade, it's the ResidueChair, and then it's the whole Residue Line.

And instead of yellow, it's whatever color the last guy's crib was.

That's what I said: exactly like that.

ResidueChair by Made by Midas [, thanks huib]

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