September 15, 2009

No, No Danish Kids That I Know Of

Did you visit Denmark 18 months ago, around February 2008? Maybe you were attending Quinny stroller customizer Henrik Vibskov's silly fashion show? And then even though it was dark and damp and cold, you went to down to the river, where you ended up talking to some hot blonde chick named Karen? Sound vaguely familiar?

Well, don't sweat it, because the Karen in this web video who's looking for the friendly, nameless American tourist stud who fathered her son August is an actress. It's a viral marketing campaign created by an ad agency [Grey, who of course copied the idea from other viral web videos] who were paid cash money by Denmark's government-funded tourism agency.

Me, I was waiting to hear Karen point out that while her baby daddy was off teabagging, his son was being well cared for under the Danish system of extended parental leave, healthcare, and childcare.

"Karen" the Danish mother seeking is actually Ditte Arnth #Karen26 [ via gawker]


Apparently the whole thing created quite an uproar in Denmark, and the ad has supposedly been removed from Youtube by Visit Denmark...

"Drunk sex ad angers Danes [uk sun]

I thought Danish chicks all breastfed

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