September 14, 2009

O' I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Sack O' Sauce In A Can O' Meat


If Oscar Mayer never does a commercial that high-speed motions its way through the history of processed meat, now you'll know why.

Because to fully appreciate the exclusive, new innovative genius of the Sack O' Sauce in the history of quick and delicious canned meat meals requires an hour-long documentary right there. At least.

Apparently, Sack O' Sauce and Can O' Meat were introduced in 1950 [image:, thanks dt reader steve]


I remember as a kid asking my mom to buy me Chefboyardee SpaghettiO's. They didn't have much food (other than cereal) targeted to kids and this had attracted me. My mom finally relented one day and bought a can of SpaghettiO's. Yuck, I never asked for it again.

I think sometimes the kids need to find out what these canned/frozen foods actually taste like so they appreciate what they are served by their parents.

Trust me, your kid can eat at Blue Hill (Cafe) twice a week from birth and still demand the gross processed stuff -- when she can get it. I honestly don't understand childrens' taste in food.

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