September 14, 2009

I'm Gonna Bleach This Man Right Out Of My Laundry

Adam gets pissed, and understandably so, at commercials which contrast sage, all-wise consumerwomen with outdated, sexist depictions of men as bumbling ne'er-do-nothings. Me too.

But there is unspoken truth in this high-speed tour through the history of doing laundry with Clorox bleach: though much has changed, the only reason that most of the laundry the last 96 years was done by women is because men stuck them with it. Laundry has always been a shit job that anyone would get out of doing if they could. Anyone.

At least now it doesn't take all day everyday like it used to back when people actually used Clorox for something other than destroying DNA evidence on CSI.


"they all did the laundry...maybe even a man or two..."

A comment on the sex lives of females ancestors?

Shows you where my head was when I first heard this VO. I actually had to rewind the DVD and listen to it again. Of course, I was watching Season 2 of "Mad Men" at the time so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Laundry post washer and dryer is a much less shit job. Wringing out wet clothes in the dead of winter is horrific. The difference between bloody cracking knuckles and having to walk into the laundry room every so often is stark. Which is my guess as to why it hasn't been a huge issue. Once it went from a hellish job to a minor annoyance there probably wasn't a huge reason to make it a sticking point in the gender wars.

I do all the laundry around here, not that anybody's askin. Mostly cuz the basement is too damp and creepy for the wife, babysitter, or cleaning lady. So ha! But there is some strange animal living down there.

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