September 11, 2009

Feminism? You're Immersed In It!

While I was immersed in the imaginary dialectics of crayonmaking, Backpacking Dad was tackling more substantial matters, namely the state of feminism in the era of supposedly equal parenting. You win this round, Backpacking Dad! It's pretty great stuff:

Fish out of water stories are funny. But just as the workplace does not need to be structured solely according to male needs and input, neither does parenthood need to be defined according to what mom would do. If a father is participating, immersing himself in his fatherhood, then he is going to change the way the family is organized, just as having women in the workforce in large numbers has changed the way businesses operate by accommodating both their needs and input.
Feminism and the Immersed Parent [backpackingdad via jason from rice daddies and everywhere]

1 Comment

I took a day off posting distastrous recipe stories.

Thanks for the link :}

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