September 9, 2009

P-L-A-Y, R-E-A-D

P-L-A-Y, R-E-A-D

So K2 and I are at one of those Soft Play Areas made out of carved, airbrushed wrestling mats that I've blogged about before, when I notice that the letters on the big foam blocks above spell out a word! P-L-A-Y.

And though I didn't quite capture it, the letters on top of the blocks spell R-E-A-D!

Funny how you can come to a place a dozen times and never notice something like that. I've never even been around to the far side of the playground; I wonder what it spells back there?




"leer" means "to read" in Spanish. :)

The one at my mall has these flower heads that are low to the ground. The kids have absolutely trashed them so you can see all the layers. Let me know if you want a photo.

hahaahahah-- oh. never mind.

It also means learn in Dutch, but there probably isn't a big dutch population at your mall...

technically, "my mall" is SoHo; this is "my country mall". But no, not a lot of Dutch.

Great site, wanted to comment here. I've seen these spelling blocks spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E too!

When used to form a stair system,then abused and adapted for sand-pit diving purposes... not good! Boys hey!

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