September 8, 2009

They Might Be Indoctrinatin'! Here Comes Here Comes Science

The official release date is today, but if you pre-ordered They Might Be Giants' new CD/DVD Here Comes Science from Amazon like you were supposed to, would already already be in your hot little hands. Of course, you could get the mp3s, but then you'd miss out on the videos--so cute.

Anyway, point is, TMBG and Disney really, really want to start indoctrinating your kids soon, so that they'll be softened up and ready when the Grand Scientist calls for some "volunteers" for a top secret study or whatever. So get crackin'.

If you need more convincing, clips have already been trickling onto the YouTube.

This one, "Science is Real," is clearly the most outrageous:

This liberal clip of "Davy Crockett in Outer Space" makes no mention of Crockett's outstanding work with Uncle Walt in the 1950s where they fought off Commies with coonskin caps:

Here is the new treehugger propaganda anthem, "Electric Car":

And here is a TMBG podcast from a couple of weeks ago, indoctrinating children into the Cult of Evolution with, "I Am A Paleontologist":

Fearless Leader orders you tobuy They Might Be Giants' new CD/DVD Here Comes Science from Amazon now. [amazon]


Thanks for posting these. I might just have to pick up the DVD

sorry if this comment appears multiple times- I had a heck of a time posting my comment

Thanks for posting all these videos. My kids are loving watching these videos.

You can download the videos now on iTunes as well for about $15, and they're DRM-free.

That techie stuff said, it's a fantastic album. Both updated versions of "Why Does the Sun Shine" are, well, stellar.

(edit to above)
"you can download the videos *and songs together* now on iTunes..."

Brilliant! Sad thing is that while your comments were sarcastic many people actually think like that. Getting this for my girls for Christmas.

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