September 3, 2009

This Week In Doll-Sized Real Estate Marketing


This Creative Playthings, slot-together, 2-story dollhouse is a later model, being sold unfurnished, and it's in good-but-played-with condition, so no museum piece. Still, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten any bids yet; back in the day, $99 might have been an aggressive opening bid, but a decent closing price. I guess the real estate bubble has affected the dollhouse market, too. That, or everyone's just saving up to buy their toilet first.

Vintage Creative Playthings Dollhouse 23x23x24 Wooden, opening bid $99+15s/h, auction ends Sept. 7 UPDATE: just like real real estate, neither house sold! [ebay]

The same seller also has a 1-room CP house for sale, in case your kid's doll is downsizing.

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My daughter has a creative play things pots and pan set and tea set. I have been trying to find information on these items. They are marked creative play things Italy on the bottom of each item. I am not sure what type of metal they are but they have black handles. They were my aunts and she gave them to my daughter. My grandparents were from Italy so I don't know if they brought them over with them or what. I see alot of blogs about creative play things and was wondering if anyone would give me any information. thanks.

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