September 1, 2009

Mad World: If Kids Designed Their Own Xmas Toys


Seeing this old Al Jaffe spread from Mad Magazine was an "epiphanic" window into the design process for either Wary or Meyers, I'm not sure which. Also, it was one of the first things she or he picked out of the recycling, so, also formative.

You'll have to go to their site to see Mad's classic visual punchline, though, I don't want to reveal--Oh, screw it! The S's are backwards, and the 3D toys are all screwed up because kids can't draw perspective! HAHAHA Get it? How do they come up with this stuff?

Mad Man [warymeyers]
Relatd: Actually, DIY rockets already existed then--and they still do
Also: If kids designed their own pipe cleaner purses; if kids designed the plush animals and whatnot their parents made; if kids designed their own rooms or monsters

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