August 29, 2009

Vinyl Wall Decal Not A Toy

By now I think it's clear to all concerned that die-cut vinyl stickers are no mere fad, but are a new, enduring classic. And as such, they deserve a place alongside flocked wallpaper, supergraphics, rag painting and feather marbleizing in the pantheon of wall treatments that never go out of style.

Which makes it even more important for vinyl sticker makers to end their conspiracy of silence on one inconvenient fact:

As soon as they can reach'em, the kids will peel those damn things off.

So watch where you put'em.


I've been fortunate -- the kids have not tried this yet. The BLIK are on there pretty good... except for the letter H, which keeps wanting to peel itself off...

The Wall Stickers are definitely eye-catching... hadn't thought about the kids peeling them off but that's a potential hazard I guess!

For more cool wall stickers try out My Wall Sticker which has the French company 'Domestic' collection for sale in the UK.

I have 'Jungle Peas' in my living room..... figure it'll be a good 4 years before my daughter is tall enough to pick them off!

There are also measuring stickers for kids and some nice little stickers like ladybirds which are cute for bedrooms.

Yeah, we have/had Domestic stickers, which are exactly the ones that K2 has been peeling off and gnawing on. "that's a potential hazard I guess!"

Glad to see the retailers of vinyl stickers are stepping up, too.

Frankly I'm surprised they're taking off as a nursery application. They *look* great, but I always assumed they'd pick off my kid's neurons one by one via toxic offgassing.

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