August 27, 2009

Playgrounder Comes Out To Play

Before the kid was born, and I had a hard time finding any baby gear I could stand to live with, I thought I'd keep a list, so the next guy Googling around for an industrial-style changing table could use my research and save some time. That turned into Daddy Types, which I explained to people as "Gizmodo for dads."

And it always feels good to know you're not alone in this parenting world. Here's how Daniel Benjamin explains the birth of his sweet-looking new kid product blog Playgrounder on his other blog, Hivelogic:

I had the idea for Playgrounder about two years ago when my son was born. I couldn't find a good resource for the kind of high-quality, interesting, and unique items we were looking for. So I started building a list, and anytime I'd find something really great, I'd add it. Looking over this list a year later, I knew I was onto something, and the timing seemed right.

I knew I couldn't launch a site like this completely on my own. So I turned to my friend Larry Angell, founder of [product blog for men] Uncrate, for advice. "I want to do Uncrate for kids," I told him.

The Japanese have a saying:

There are many paths to the top of the Mount Fuji-sized pile of cool kid gear.


For which Playgrounder might suggest the REI Piggyback Child Carrier, perhaps?

Playgrounder is born [hivelogic via dt reader rolf]

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