August 13, 2009

My Left Foot [Powered Hop-along Hobby Horse]


For want of a www., a day was lost. It took me until now to realize I was missing the www. on the URL for my blog server. Stay tuned for pictures of the Audi grille that was destroyed by a 1yo with two tiny fingers.

In the mean time, check out this awesome retro-tech hobby horse, which DT reader Adam spotted on 1st Dibs. It's being offered by a John Stamos-loving 20th century design dealer in Pennsylvania, who dates it to 1936, thanks to a vintage ad in Popular Science.

Instead of just rolling along, a kid hops up and down, which generates a scissoring action to propel the horse forward. At first I thought this one-stirrupped wonder would be an awesome self-esteem-building toy for a kid with one [left] foot, and a cruel slap for a righty.

But then I remembered that "Sculptural Toy" is antique dealerese for "What's a CPSC? That's the original lead paint!" So it's actually a cool hobby horse no kid can ride, no matter how many feet he has.

No, it's better to study it closely and make your own out of leftover wood clamps and farming implements.

Sculptural Steel Hobby Horse Toy made in 1936, $2,200 at Full House [ via dt reader adam]

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