August 13, 2009

365 Photos About 365 Kinds Of Diapers

You know those videos where a guy takes a photo every day for a year, and he looks the same in every picture, except that his hair grows out? This is not one of those videos.

Happy birthday, Lex.

A Year of Lex [youtube via dt reader rj]


Great. More proof that I've been a crummy mom... I wish I'd seen this type of thing before having kids! Infinitely more do-able than a baby book or mall portraits.

I was going to do this but never got around to it, I started it had it going for a month and then just got too nusy, and that is sad, happy bday

Super cute!! What a wonderful idea. I think you have a future star on your hands.

Thank you for sharing Lex with us.

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