August 6, 2009

Thingamababy Totally OWNS The Baby Gloton Breastfeeding Doll Story, BTW

I know that it's suddenly flared onto the big gearblog and WTFblog radar, but AJ had that chup chupi chupiriffic Baby Glutton Spanish breastfeeding doll story down like three weeks ago. And he's got the hundred+ fervent lactivist comments to prove it.

Since the site for Berjuan baby company has been knocked off the web by the traffic, just go over to Thingamababy.

My only reservation is that the pink & purple halter top with the flower pasties might discourage boys from pretending to breastfeed. Perhaps they could include a tanktop with two Spiderman webs, too? Or maybe some Batnipples?


Baby Glutton: Bye-bye Bottle: Breastfeeding Baby Dolls are Here [thingamababy]
image of children's Poison Ivy costume via deadly garden]

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I'm having flashbacks to Baby Alive, a doll I desperately wanted as a girl, but that my mother found too gross to buy. I now agree with my mother. If my 2 year old is any indication, kids don't need a special doll to encourage them to play at nursing, if they are exposed to it. He'll nurse Grover, a doll, a playmobile man, even a tennis ball. And he makes his own sound effects.

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