August 4, 2009

This Week In Affordable Artworks: Jane Mount's Kid Book Self-Portrait


I always make sure to have my vintage Pynchons and Nabokovs slotted in there just in case someone like artist Jane Mount comes over. See, like the rest of us, Mount likes to judge people by what's on their bookshelves.

Which is why, for her self-portrait, she grouped together all the formative books from her childhood. To help you judge her more easily, I've turned the limited edition print from 20x200 on its side. I'm pretty sure when you buy one and hang it, it should go the other way, bookshelf-style.

Looks like a lot of classics, nothing too shocking here. But how old is she, exactly? Because Olivia only came out in 2000.

Ideal Bookshelf 1, JMM, by Jane Mount, $20, $50, or $200 depending []


Ideal bookshelf for selling an assload of prints. "Edition of 200 each $20.00 SOLD OUT"

so many fans, and she's only 15yo, she's like the Jonas Brothers of graphic design

Her "older work" is from 2002, and is in crayon. The biography leaves out the "raised by wolves" part.

Jane Mount was born in Atlanta, got a degree in anthropology at Davidson College in North Carolina, and studied painting in Italy through the University of Georgia. She moved to New York in 1995, just in time to drop out of a then pro-installation/anti-painting MFA program and join the Internet boom instead. She co-founded and helped launch several successful Internet ventures, and continues to work in the field.

from bio: "product strategist... guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show... knows a lot about drawing..."

Ha. I wonder if she saw these.

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