August 3, 2009

We Have People For That

This tweet from artblogger Tyler Green cracked me up. And makes me hate Urbana, one of "DC's Hottest Restaurant Bar Scenes," before I've ever been there:

At brunch: Kids made total mess of table. On way out one kid says to staff: "Mommy says your job is to clean up," and points. Mother shrugs.


Nothing like teaching your offspring to be horrible to wait-staff early.

Who said "never date someone who is rude to waiters"?

I've known several families with "staff" (comes of having lived in the kind of places where labour is dirt cheap, there are no washing machines and lots of people need jobs). Children always understand that the housekeeper has the same disciplinary power as parents - that's the only way it works.

But I see parents in the West who seem to think even grandparents, carers or teachers shouldn't be allowed to use any discipline. I think parents are getting more "precious" about their children.

I love stories that make me think: "You know, maybe I'm NOT doing a shitty job raising my kids, compared to that numbnuts."
All I know is I would have stopped and made my kid apologize or help or something, if she acted as bad as that.

hmm, apologize for sure, and thank the waiter, but help out? it IS a restaurant, after all...

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