July 31, 2009

Every Dad Thing Is Terrible

Wow, I'd never thought of it before, but the WTFound footage cesspool/paradise Everything is Terrible is also the most important parenting resource ever!

Hi, I'm Yogi Ogi Dogi?? And my yogic black rooster friend Rasta?

Dadaerobics? This video is barely ten years old "Parents Choice Award Winner for 1998!" says the Boomer Times!

Singing Babies: if you've only seen the first half, you haven't seen anything! [via the awl]

All EiT videos labeled 'Dad,' including Hulk Hogan [everythingisterrible]


The singing babies scared me!!!

I think I might have nightmares now. Wow yuppie parents are strange.

I was waiting for the aerobics instructor to bust out with a 'You betcha!'

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