July 28, 2009

Lil Sprout Photo-Equipped Growth Chart


The problem with tracking the kid's height on the door frame is that your house gets foreclosed on, and then you're living in your minivan, and so you're just leaving a trail of context-free single Sharpie marks on the walls of rest stops and McDonald's on the long drive to your in-laws' place in Californie.

Well, things are looking up, my Okie friend! Because you can take the Lil Sprout photo ruler with you wherever you end up! And as long as you stay on the road and off the grid, your kid'll never even know there is a metric system, much less need to learn it! USA! USA! USA!

"Actual product has increments marked with one inch measurements (Picture shown in centimeters)." $20 [dynomighty.com via goodyblog, thanks dt reader eric]

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