July 28, 2009

From Mid-Century Nursery To Mid-Century Kid's Room


Ahh, summer, when a designblogger's thoughts turn to wondering what California modernism aficionado [and DT regular] Darren's daughter Ava's room is up to.

Last year, Darren and his wife Elise had their La Jolla Eichler home featured on Apartment Therapy's Home Tour, and the slideshow included shots of Ava's awesome, but laid back nursery.

Well now Ava's a big girl, the crib is gone, and she's rocking her big girl bed and low-rise George Nelson sofa and what not, and Apartment Therapy's back--disguised as the mystically named babygearblog Ohdeedoh--to take more pics. Let the record show it still looks awesome and laid back. Nice work.

2009: Room Tour: Ava's Livable, Lovable Mid-Century Space [ohdeedoh]
2008: LA House Tour: Elise & Darren Modernist Sensibility [apartmenttherapy.com]

1 Comment

Wow, that's freaking awesome. We just bought an east coast feichler (fake eichler) just south of DC. Trying to figure out what to do with the 19 month old's room to make room for a new sibling this winter.

I would love to put a moss garden in off the master.

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