July 27, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag: Post-Partum Boutique Edition

Evening, ladies! It's only been a few weeks since it was born, but it looks like the Mommy Mailbag is already back into its skinny jeans, no pressure!

"HadleyStilwell, a Designer of Clothes for Breastfeeding Mothers Returning to Work,
Now Selling Collection at Seattle's Village Maternity Boutique
The distribution agreement with Village Maternity, a popular maternity and post-partum boutique, marks HadleyStilwell's first expansion into traditional stores."

"This Week on Momversation:

"...Hollywood has produced lots of G-rated films that contain themes that parents might not be comfortable with: death, bad parents, poop jokes. So how does a mom figure out what movies are right for her kids? Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child asks, 'How do you choose movies for your children?'

"Finding me time is nearly impossible when you have kids. There are constant interruptions, and let's face it, they're not always from your children. When the kids are done monopolizing your time, your husband is there to pick up the slack..."


Hell, I spend my entire day trying to figure out ways to irritate my wife. You don't do that?

I enjoy the fact that actually none of those issues are things that worry me about G-rated films. It's more the violence, crass commercial tie-ins, and outdated gender and racial stereotypes. But I guess that's because I'm a dad.

You go right ahead with your me time, little lady, I'll be holed up with NCAA 10 trying to win a national title and score a top 5 recruiting class. No monopolizing from me, honey.

We dropped off our little guy with grandma this weekend so that we could watch the latest Harry Potter movie....and two rows ahead of us was a couple with a little boy that was less than ~3 years old. I would not have thought that any Harry Potter flick was good for a young child.

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