July 23, 2009

Check Out The Joolz Family

A happy, baffling little video for the Joolz stroller from Bloom. Could the kid be any less thrilled? And why is half the video about pushing the empty stroller around while you're holding the kid? And when the dad finally shows up, he literally only touches the stroller when it's folded, and even then he only moves it like three feet, for no reason? Is Buñuel doing commercials now?

Joolz stroller - Hello, sky birds and trees [youtube]

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Unboxing: Check out the family Joolz!
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Uh, who wears high heels while pushing a stroller. Perhaps in Manhattan? Not here in Austin.

and where is all of this woman's sh@t? I mean, when my boys were that age I always had a large bag to lug around.

You guys are worried about her shoes and bag?!? Look at the bigger picture here - she took her child in a taxi made of cardboard! Hello! Unsafe. Her whole world seems to be black and white and made of paper. Have some pity, instead of dissing her footwear and luggage.

Seriously, this pram looks like someone has tried to cross the bugaboo cameleon, with the stokke xplory, and its all gone wrong somewhere in the middle, ive seen one in the M&P store and there not that nice!
And boy do i feel sorry for that woman. Her back must be killing her, learning over so much. Not really a good advert !

Better look next time M&P (Bloom)!

**leaning over

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