July 16, 2009

Special Delivery! DT Mommy Mailbag

It's not Monday, I know, but this seemed like such an important message to get out there right away. Dads, won't you help? Take a few minutes on the golf course this weekend and see if you can think of anyone [female] who's making a difference for kids


The world is full of amazing, unique mothers who are slowly changing the world for the better. Please help us honor them all by honoring one extraordinary example.

Help us find the first recipient of the Healthy Child Healthy World "Mom on a Mission" Award!

This October 2009 at our benefit gala - The Healthy Child Healthy World AWARDS - we will honor one special and inspiring American woman dedicated to creating healthier and happier environments for children and families.

This impressive Mom will be flown out to Los Angeles, California, and stay for two nights at a local green hotel. During the benefit dinner, she will be formally presented with the first annual Healthy Child Healthy World "Mom on a Mission" Award for her extraordinary service and inspiration. And to top-it-off, the award will be presented by a celebrity guest!

Want to know how to nominate that special mom, or yourself?

Our judging criteria: We are seeking a heart-lifting, true story that will move and inspire us by sharing a mother's work to create healthier environments for children, families, and their communities.

Who is a candidate: Any exceptional mother (currently living in the United States) who seeks to make a difference for the better, generously gives back to others, or overcame adversity with courage.

How to enter: Only ONE nomination per person is allowed. Please enter by sending your "heart-lifting, true story" to award@healthychild.org. Submissions should be no more than 750 words in length.

Deadline for Nominations: August 15, 2009, 11:59pm PST.

Special thanks to WebMD for their support and inspiration for this "Mom on a Mission" Award.

Healthy Child, Healthy World [healthychild.org]

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