July 16, 2009

Changing Table Americaine, Années 60!


The off-kilter photo is giving me a headache, but otherwise, this vintage table a langer, or how you say, changing table, which DT reader Catherine [sweet blog here] just spotted on Belgian eBay, is pretty sweet. The seller thinks it's a typical American design from the 60's or 70's, which I think might give American diaper changing culture of the time a little too much credit.


There are handy side pullouts, a tray on the far side and a diaper drying rack [above]. Not shown here: the split in the veneer, or the burn mark on top from where some maman stamped out her cigarette while changing the kid's diaper. Truly, a relic from a different place and time.

meuble rare VINTAGE 60's ancienne table à langer 70's, currently EUR100 plus livraison, ends 26 juillet [ebay belgique via dt reader catherine]

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