July 13, 2009

Spring Break Wasilla 2009!!


Nothing like waking up to a giant photo on the front of the NY Times of Sarah Palin signing some snowbilly kid's rack. She's never going to have bathtime again.

Palin's Route to Resignation: Missteps and Ignored Advice, photo: Jim Wilson/NYT [nyt]


The article is a hit piece.

poor, poor sarah.

so when, exactly, does her fifteen minutes run out?

I want her to be gone as much as the next American, but I fear we'll be dealing with her for years to come.

I think "snowbilly" is my new favorite word.

I don't blame her for resigning and I think she did it because of the cost to her family and to the state of Alaska. In Alaska, anyone can file an ethics complaint and people were doing just that. Her legal bills are up to about $500,000 with more fights to come.

Incidentally, all the ethics complaints have been dismissed. Palin's family was treated horribly during and since the election. No one would dare say similar things about the Obama girls or Michelle Obama (and rightfully so).

if the cost of being a public figure is too high for her family, she should stop using them as political and publicity props and sending out her state employee personnel to trashtalk her daughter's babydaddy on cable news.

As for the cost to the state of Alaska of her ethics investigations, as of last week, the Alaska Daily News reports there were 18 known complaints [the NYT article above says 19], which the board in charge of them says cost $300,000 to deal with. $200,000 of that was for Troopergate, which Palin filed herself. Palin's office uses its own $2 million figure.


And as for the complaints being dismissed, Palin was forced to reimburse the state for charging per diems in her own house. And for charging the state with her kids' travel expenses. And the GOP-controlled legislature found she'd wrongly used her office and personnel to retaliate against her ex-brother-in-law. And then she got caught doing the per diem thing again this year.

Frankly, I think she resigned to cash in, which is totally fine. As long as it's clear that in so doing, she totally bailed on the job she was elected to do.

That baby is screaming. If she were old enough to talk, she might be screaming, "AAAAHHHHH!!! IT BURRRRRNS!!!"

Or is it overkill to suggest Mrs. Palin is evil?

Well, Obama was able to use his family as props and had no issues like the Palins have dealt with. Her kids weren't used for props any more than other politicians kids are.

The bottom line is that if these kinds of things were happening to a liberal woman, the outcry would be huge (and rightfully so).

like john mccain's joke about chelsea clinton being hilary's child by janet reno? I guess I don't remember a huge outcry over that, no. Nor do I remember either clinton holding a press conference to denounce mccain or anyone else about the joke.

And frankly, I guess I don't follow the news closely enough to know what issues and outrages have been heaped on Palin's kids that didn't follow or involve them granting cover story interviews with People magazine.

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