July 13, 2009

Jazz für Kinder Diesen Sonntag

I feel just sick for not mentioning the free They Might Be Giants kids' concert this past weekend in Brooklyn at the Prospect Park Bandshell. So I want to make it up to you.

By giving you almost a full week's notice on the free Jazz für Kinder concert this coming Sunday 19 July at 1600h, on the Open Air Stage at the Mercedes Classic Center & Museum in Stuttgart. fKids 3yo and up and their families can "dance, geschnippt and improvise" along to the Jazz stylings of Peter Lehel [sax], Mini Schulz [contrabass], Peter Schindler [keyboard], and Meinhard Obi Jenne [drums]. Admission is free.

As is the kids' History Rallye, which runs daily beginning 4 Aug. in two age groups: 8-10 yo and 11-12. There will be commemorative t-shirts.

Museumsommer | Mercedes Benz Classic Center [mercedes-benz-classic.com via dt reader dt\


We missed the free show up here in New Haven last month because my daughter came down with a stomach bug.

"up here in New Haven"?? did you move to Bristol or something?

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