July 12, 2009

Oilily Be Right Back

At this rate, I'll need to start a "back in business" tag to go with the "out of business."

The bankrupt Dutch psychedelic hippie/moppet clothing company Oilily was recently liquidated; the intellectual property and trademarks for the firm were reportedly sold to the founder, Geert Olsthoorn. [It'll take a bigger Dutch bankruptcy law than me, though, to figure out how a guy who retained a significant minority share in the company could just peel off its brand and go home, leaving creditors and employees behind, but there you are.]

Anyway, the new/old/original Oilily will be back. A baby collection and a "classic children's" collection will be ready for Autumn 2010. And the company that'll bring it to you? Room Seven, the tiny, traditional baby boutique company run by Olsthoorn's daughter.

I do believe we called that one.

Oilily gaat samenwerken met Room Seven | Oilily goes together with Room Seven [textilia.nl via dt senior dutch correspondent jan]


I love Oilily. I have been wearing their clothing for a number of years now and, because the items are so quirky, and well made (for the majority), and because of its their lasting power over trends, Oilily now comprises most of my wardrobe. I have noticed a step away from the traditional Oilily in the last 2 to 3 years (adopting black, opting for more pared down, classic - boring?- cuts), with it going more mainstream, and that was regretful to witness. We can only hope that this is a "new" beginning for Oilily, one that will bring it back to its authentic creative roots.

Do you know if they will continue in women's clothing. What will the US stores be carrying, if anything, until 2010? Will they be forced to close?

did you click through to the dutch article? it mentions women's clothes. as for US stores, I have no idea. their relationship to the newly reformed company is not clear. but there are supposedly 200,000 pieces of merchandise sitting somewhere in a Dutch warehouse, awaiting liquidation. Maybe the US stores could try to buy some of that.

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