July 10, 2009

7ITBB Interview With Calef Brown


New new new new new. You'd think I never sat at a computer surfing around for interesting kid-related material before.

Seven Interesting Things Before Breakfast is a great bookblog that has a fascinating interview with author/illustrator Calef Brown, who makes awesome work. Brown illustrates other authors' books, but he kicks it up a notch with his own back-to-back collections: Soup for Breakfast, Poems and Pictures by Calef Brown, which came out last year, and Dutch Sneakers and Fleakeepers: 14 More Stories, a followup to his 1999 debut title, Polkabats and Octopus Slacks: 14 Stories.

All that said, my favorite, "Tiny Baby Sphinx," is from his 2006 illustrated poetry collection, Flamingos on the Roof:

Tiny Baby Sphinx.
She looks at me and blinks.
I offer bits of cat food,
the kind that really stinks.
I wonder what she thinks about
at nighttime when she slinks about,
inviting other sphinxes out
to gather in the moonlight.
Seven Questions--And a Little Bit of Soup--Over Breakfast with Calef Brown [blaine.org]

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