July 8, 2009

Ahh, You Never Forget The First Time--Your Dad Asks You To Help Ditch The Hooker's Body


In a cage match for Father of The Freakin' Year against Alan John Jett of BF Florida, Stone Cold Derek Lindsay just won with a knockout in the first round.

Jett took his 5th grade son out with him to pick up a hooker--in a place called Parramore, no less. But when he and the lady conducted their business in the bedroom, the boy stayed outside; to do otherwise just ain't right.

Then a couple of days later, after the money fight, the fatal wrasslin', the pretendin' she's sleepin', and the copping to the corpse-sized garbage bag-in-closet, Jett asked his son to help him dump it, cuz it was starting to stink. It being June in Florida and all.

At least that's what the boy told his friends at summer school.

Deputies say dad asked fifth-grade son to help dump body [orlandosentinel via dt's man on the street, ponch]

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I'm sure everything will turn out for that kid.

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