July 6, 2009

You Gank My Battleship!


The trick with the Monday morning What's New? email blasts from the vintage design gurus at Virginia-based Three Potato Four is realizing that they actually put the items in their online shop Sunday night.

Usually, that means the awesome rarities--like this beautiful, old skateboard--are gone before you even refresh your inbox. Unless it's a holiday weekend, in which case, the sweet, sweet, vintage homemade toy battleship is still available. Those much-sanded corners look as tasty as marshmallows.

If the cannons are too pokey for your kid's age bracket, or the $160 price tag is too high for your personal defense spending plans, at least the photos can inspire you to grab a 2x4 and start sawing.

Primitive Folk Art Model Battleship, $160 [threepotatofourshop.com]

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