July 6, 2009

Evian Street Skating Crew Brings It


The only thing crazier than an Evian commercialful of roller discoing babies is realizing that to shoot in Central Park means following US child labor laws, which limit the hours/day a child performer can work. The only practical way around this restriction is to use twins, so the babies can rotate while the adult crew keeps on working.

By my calculation, then, to make this spot, the agency, BETC Euro RSCG, and the production company, Partisan, had to find, cast, and teach all the moves to 23 24 multi-ethnic sets of roller discoing twin babies. In. croy. able.

Evian: Skating Babies [shots.net via kottke]


I just want to know where they got the wifebeater-style onesies.

The other practical way around this is to use CGI babies. They did a great job. I'm going to show it to my kids when they wake up.

These skaters should have a play date with the etrade kid.

I'll have to check the album, but I think that IS the black etrade kid's cover of "Rappers Delight"

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