July 4, 2009



On Independence Day, let's take a moment to celebrate what makes America great: like a network of drug dealers in the Bronx moving their heroin around the tri-state area inside Build-A-Bears. And the free press who keep referring to it as "smack," as in "all the smack was American made."

"'This is a good opportunity to tell kids that heroin is not a good thing,' said [DEA spokesperson Erin] Mulvey."

Bronx Build-A-Bear toys stuffed with millions in heroin [nydailynews.com via dt reader hapa, image: dea via nydn]
On the bright side, they used the asthma and allergy friendly bears [buildabear.com]


This reminds me of a favorite book from my childhood- The Teddy Bear Habit.A 12 year old boy who wants to be a guitarist can only play if his teddy bear is hidden in his guitar- then jewel thieves hide jeweles in the bear, and hijinks ensue. All in 1960s NYC Village. My 9 year old is reading it now.

thats just wrong to try any thing with drugs

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