June 28, 2009

Taunton's Fightinest Gets Out Of Jail Long Enough To Get Arrested For 143rd Time

derek_lindsay_celtics_fan.jpgSo I start seeing a burst of comments about Stone Cold Derek Lindsay, the fightinest dad in Taunton, Massachusetts, and I'm like, "No way could he get arrested, he's in jail!"


Even though Lindsay's 142nd arrest--for attempted murder [!]--was just last March, he was apparently walking the streets June 4th, where he spit in a woman's face and threatened her. He was picked up on that warrant Friday, and was also charged with possession [with intent to distribute] of coke, pot, 'roids and 'shrooms.

Though he appears to be a one-man stimulus package for law enforcement, Taunton police are "sick of dealing with" Lindsay, according to The Enterprise. As for WTF Lindsay's doing out of jail in the first place, a concerned police officer blamed the "liberal Massachusetts courts." That, or maybe all his judges were fellow Celtics fans.

After 143 arrests, police are sick of dealing with Taunton man [enterprisenews.com]
Previous reports from Taunton:
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2007: Dude tells son to kick Shrek's ass at McDonald's while he kicks cops' asses


Makes me proud to live in Mass. And glad I don't live in Taunton.

The best part about all this?

Derek's buddy Allan will be back on DT! Woohoo!

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