June 22, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag: 'Tidy Whiteys' Edition

Specially selected messages from the mountain of momcentric marketing madness that masses in my mailbox:

Subj: Little Boy Hats, Flip Flops and Tidy Whiteys [? -ed.]

haiden surf has got your little grom covered in all the right places.

Manhattan Beach, CA (June 2009)--The totally tubular new boys' swimwear company Haiden Surf, is now accessorizing pint-size surfers with the coolest lids, slaps and tidy whiteys to hit the boardwalk. (These undies are quite possibly the cutest thing ever). Just added to their killer collection of fashionable swim trunks that beach babes are styling from coast to coast, Haiden Surf's latest accessories are must-haves for every mom's beach bag.


Surfin' Trucker Hat
Haiden Surf teamed up with the boys' hat company Little Fit to keep lil' surfers' faces out of the sun, while still looking totally cool!


Big Boy Undies
Help keep our oceans clean with these adorable Haiden Surf big boy undies. And remember...No dumping! (Sizes: One size fits most--2/3T; $14).

Haiden Surf Story
Haiden Surf was started in 2008 by, none other than two Southern California native surfer girls turned moms, who were tired of dressing their little men in boring beachwear. After some long brainstorming sessions, friends Katie and Alli--who have four boys between them (Haiden is Katie's first born)--decided that if they can ride a long board, change a diaper and balance a checkbook at the same time, than they could totally take the boys' surf wear industry by storm. Fer sure!


You mean tighty, as in, they are tight and uncomfortable...

No dumping? Is that some sort of cute, scatalogical humor?

No, "Tidy" as in "No dumping." Surfer moms should get on trademarking that one or the industry may be flooded with new "Tidy Whiteys" designs next year.

I was reading this in a feed reader and it looked like Daddy Types was really into the "Tidy Whiteys" above. Whew, I thought that some sort of "Cool Dad Picks" had taken over!

No! Not Cool Dad Picks, Kelli!

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