June 19, 2009

Yeah Maclar-- I Mean, Oh, Poor Maclaren


I can't remember if the question on this lobby poster was "Will you compare each of the sixty dollars you spent on a sitter, taxi, and tickets for Away We Go to a saw-toothed dagger in the groin?"


"Will you walk out of the theater, scratching your head, and hoping for their sakes, that the Maclaren folks didn't actually shell out cash money for this kind of product placement?"

But half dozen of one.

A.O. Scott's review of Away We Go is harsh and sharp [nyt]


very harsh review, and I don't want to see this one either.

The stand out detail of this review for me was that A.O. didn't LIKE 'American Beauty'?!? WTF

I checked, the only other Mendes movie Scott reviewed was Jarhead:


"While it is not another lacquered, overpriced collectible in the manner of Mr. Mendes's 'American Beauty' and 'Road to Perdition,' 'Jarhead' is, in the end, similarly empty. "

We were wondering whether to see Away We Go or The Hangover tonight. I think you just helped answer the question. Thanks.

Scott seems to have an issue with Mendes. Suggesting that a British person who lives in the US can't possibly comprehend suburban life over here is a little pointed and.... something else.

I'm not in a hurry to see the film though. After enduring the first 8 minutes of License To Wed, I swore never to watch Krasinski in anything that started its life on a cinema screen again.

I loved Dave Eggers first bok, A Heartbreaking Work... but struggled through You Shall Know our Velocity and eventually gave up. I wanted to like it. Looks like this will be a love it or hate it movie for me.

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