June 18, 2009

And The Winner Of The 2009 Token Father's Day Involved Dad Feature Story Is...


Ah yes, Father's Day. That time of year when a thick-headed morning news producer's heart turns to Mr. Mom stories that weren't relevant 20 years ago, either, and newspaper editors momentarily acknowledge the existence of entire generations of involved dads.

So kudos to Clay and the other guys at DadLabs for managing to score a gigantic and entirely reasonable story on the front page of USA Today yesterday. Well played. And cute tiara.

Jeremy of Daddy Dialectic gets a nice quote, too, and a plug for The Daddy Shift, his just-released book I'm jonesing to read--which, by the way, has an awesome blurb from Jason Sperber of Rice Daddies, check it out in the ad >>> right >>> over >>> there. My favorite part of the article, though, is where reporter Sharon Jayson correctly defines "Young Dads" as guys "in their early 40s and younger."

Keep it up, USA Today, and I may just take you with me next time I check out of the Marriott.

New daditude: Today's fathers are hands-on, pressure off

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