June 17, 2009

Awesome Homebrew Coffee Bar/ Play Kitchen


Come for the chalkboard paint in rainbow colors, stay for the awesome little stainless steel play fridge.

Craig was one of the earliest DT reader/contributors, and a big modernist design fan, as you can see from the incredible homemade play kitchen he installed in his son's room. It's featured on his friend's company's chalkboard paint blog. And look at that, the chai is only 30 cents!

Pint-sized Barrista! [hudsonpaint.com via dt vet craig]
Craig's play kitchen flickr photo set [flickr]


That paint looks awesome, too...

Oh my that is adorable!

I like this play kitchen more than I like my real one... I need to show it to my daddytype husband, hopefully it'll inspire him

I have no words for this. Just awesome and incredible. Your child should be very happy!!

wow, thanks for all the kind words.

my kid loves it, too.

and definitely check out the paint, it's very cool:
http://hudsonpaint.com (shameless, but accurate plug for a friend!)

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