June 13, 2009

MacNetto! Maclaren Bought Netto Collection

magneto.jpgI think that's called a scoop.

I'm hearing from multiple parties that the deal for Maclaren to acquire Netto Collection was finalized Friday, and it will be announced publicly on Monday.

After dabbling a bit with portable cribs, and high chairs and such, it looks like the stroller maker is planning a much more aggressive move into nursery furniture and design.

Netto pioneered the high-design modern nursery market a few years ago, but even though they target the premium market and have all those designer colabo strollers, I can't honestly imagine Maclaren was interested solely in Netto's premium crib business, which has always been a pretty rareified niche.

If I had to guess--and I don't have to, but I kind of like to anyway--I'd expect to see MacNetto introducing a broader, more affordable, but still high-end range of nursery stuff sometime soon. Which probably means Netto's CUB line is included, and which would probably only happen if David Netto himself is part of the deal, too.

Stay tuned, Daddy Types will be on this story like white lacquer on a $1800 crib.


Knowing who works behind the scenes at both companies, I'm not TOTALLY shocked by this. (That is, no one told me or even mentioned it, but it makes sense.)

It's true - we just got an email from David Netto. The formal announcement will come tomorrow. Nice scoop, Greg.

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