June 8, 2009

No Photo, Thanks! Email's Plenty!

A few of the press releases and publicist story pitches I get have "--and dads!" tacked onto them, but a lot don't. So I've been thinking of something to highlight the most eye-popping examples of the mom marketing genre, a DT Monday Mommy Mailbag or some such. And look what was on the top of my inbox this morning? I love it when a plan comes together:

Dear Greg,

Get a Postpartum Recharge with Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer

Vaginal dryness is a tremendous challenge that can make new mothers feel even more overwhelmed than they already do.

While many women experience a stage of vaginal dryness after they give birth, a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer like Replens is designed to help soothe and replenish vaginal moisture for up to three full days with a single application, helping women make the gradual transition from pregnancy back to normal daily comfort. Replens is estrogen free, hypo-allergenic, odorless and safe for nursing mothers who are especially susceptible to vaginal dryness, as they tend to experience more dramatic fluctuations in estrogen levels that can cause vaginal tissues to become thin, dry, and less elastic. Replens works immediately to provide relief so that you can worry about more important things, like being a brand-new mom.

Replens is available at most drug or discount stores. Visit www.replens.com

Photo available upon request.

In Replens' defense, it's not like I'm demanding a vaginal moisturizer campaign that targets dads...

Six weeks is almost up, brah! Better get new Axe Mommyspray!


Wow, that's the most obnoxious exploitation of new-mom anxiety I've seen in a while. "New baby making you fear for your relationship? Does your body still look pregnant? Are you neglecting your first duty -- to be sexy and sexually vivacious at all times? What happens if dad leaves your unsexy ass? Have you thought about that? Send money now!"

This is about as bad as the ones I get that read, "Kate, enlarge your penis!". You'd think there would be some kind of filter for recognizing male and female names, but maybe it's the websites I look at (Home Depot, Lowes, Daddy Types) that make me a target...

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