June 8, 2009

George & Barbara Bush Naked On A Hot Day

George & Barbara Bush Paper Dolls - Tom Tierney

I'm still trying to stock up on crafty little projects to fill the kid's summer schedule in between camp, grandma sleepovers, and vacations. Somehow, I'm not sure that this vintage paper doll book is going to make it onto the calendar.

Tom Tierney's drawings may be fabulous, and his sartorial factoids may be unimpeachable, but his title is wildly inaccurate. It should be George Bush and Some of His Family, since it includes George Herbert Walker and Barbara, and a whole smattering of grandchildren--including "the little brown ones," as Poppy called Jeb's Anglo-Mexican brood--it leaves out the most important generation of Bushes: Thai hooker-hiring Neil, former governor/"the smart one" Jeb, and of course, 43 himself. I guess Cheney bought up all the George W. puppet expansion packs early on as part of his Secret Plan.

Meanwhile, here's an image that, to my knowledge, has never been seen outside the locker room at the Yale Club. And yes, I was as surprised as you to find out he was uncut.

George & Barbara Bush In Their Skivvies

Ah, Cheney missed a few. GWB family paper dolls are $1 [abebooks]

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