June 5, 2009

Ikea Slide, Now In Convenient Take-Home Size


One of our Ikeas somewhere had a slide at the entrance to the kids section, which was mildly awesome. But either I forgot which Ikea it was, or they tore it out, because it's gone now, which mildly sucks.

Maybe took it out so they could introduce this new, littler, product-size slide. Now instead of a few minutes of playing in the store, Ikea can channel your kid's badgering into an actual purchase. And a not-cheap purchase at that; $150 puts the Virre at the top end of the Ikea Kids price scale. But then, it's not as if the sawdust-and-glue mystery composite lurking under the slide's "birch veneer" grows on trees.

Virre | Slide with ladder and guard rail, $150 [ikea via dt reader elspeth]


There is (or was as of March) a slide at the College Park Ikea.

I think IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ still has one. It's always a nice diversion but sometimes delays our trip to the cafe or to Marketplace to grab our favorite Fantastik napkins.

$150 seems a little high. It's a nice looking piece but I think they've priced it outside the range of most IKEA kids shoppers. They sell toddler beds for less than that! It's more than double the price of the next most expensive item listed under "play furniture" at ikea.com. Would't be surprised to see this fall to under $100 or be discontinued.

And of course it's not available online. I'm not sure why Ikea bothers to have a website.

Toronto (North York) IKEA has a slide at the entrance. A pox on all large toys anyway, our house seems to be shrinking by the day.

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