June 3, 2009

Whoops, Missed The First Day Of The Kit & Lili Sample Sale

A good friend told me about the sample sale at kit & lili which started today. It's all he wears--partly because most of the time, he's running around naked and trying to shimmy out of his diaper.

Anyway, besides kit & lili's handprinted kid clothes, there are t-shirts from Lucky Fish, kid stuff from Nonchalant Mom, and girls swimwear from Mohao. [Sorry, it's naked or retail swimming for boys this year.]

Here are the details: thanks, Ruth!

spring summer sample sale! cool kids clothes at 40-80% below retail price Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 3-5, 10am - 6pm

55 Washington street (at Front St) - DUMBO
suite 728
brooklyn, ny 11201
646 415 8635

first stop in Brooklyn off the F line (York St.), High St stop off the A line

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