June 2, 2009

BeeCall! Bugaboo Bee Recalled For Buggy Brakes

I hope that Bugaboo Bee that just passed by you had a parent attached to it. The CPSC has issued a recall announcement for the 22,500 Bugaboo Bees sold in the US since August 2007 because of a possible brake failure. The company has received 121 incidents of Bees on the run after brakes on one or both sides disengaged, but no reports of injuries.

If you have a Bee, there's a repair kit waiting for you at the company. If you registered your stroller, it already has your name on it, and should be in the mail. Bees currently on the market already have the brake bracket installed.

In completely unrelated news, 22,500 strollers in 20 months, or 15 if you blot out 4Q08 and most of 1Q09, which I'm sure most retailers would like to do. Adjust your Harvard Business School cases accordingly.

Bugaboo Recalls Strollers Due to Risk of Brake Failure [cpsc.gov]
Bee Service Request Form [bugaboo.com]


I love my Bee, but the brake design is horrible. It fails to engage at least one of the wheels 95% of the time. I suppose that's better than 1% of the time since I know I have to kick the pins into place every time if I don't want the whole thing rolling into the street. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully this fixes it, but I'll believe it when I see it.

50 strollers a day. For the size of US, it seems low to me.

This is definitely the one downside of the Bee. I already had mine replaced once and the brakes on the second were worse than the first, so I just gave up and have to jiggle the stroller to get the brake to engage. I wrote a lot about it when they had Bee owners fill out surveys. I guess I'll be receiving something in the mail!

crg, it's even lower - rounds to 1100/month or just 37 a day.

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