May 31, 2009

They Don't Make Rickshaw Tricycles Like They Used To


Yes, venerable playground fixture Angeles Tricycles still makes a tricycle rickshaw, the Silverrider. But a few decades of lawyering and design tinkering has taken the edge off. And added some paint to the raw, simple beauty of the galvanized steel seat.

So while you could settle for "enhanced cooperation and socialization" for $272, or you could add "enhanced appreciation of vintage steel" that "rides like a Cadillac [and that drives like a mud pit full of Hebrews making bricks for the Pharaoh, how's that for socialization?] for just $150 more.

1970s ANGELES, Industrial Tricycle Rickshaw, $425 []
Angeles Tricycles: Silverrider Rickshaw, $272 []


i actually have one of these in my house at the moment and my daughter loves to ride it with friends. it's super heavy but such a industrial beauty. if i ever decide to sell it...are you interested?

hmm...just needs a motor assist ;) and a very strong tether

Thanks Greg! You just solved a long standing mystery about the origins of our steel big wheel. If your interested, you can see it here:

Also, I know this is totally unrelated, but I started reading your blog because of your love of the hospital issued sweeeeeet plexi bassinets. I asked my OB to steal ours, he didn't.

I might be interested in buying it for my niece who has everything (if finances and logistics permit).

Then drop Dino a line, since it's not my rig.

I have one in my basement if anyone is interested.

Angeles Silver Rider Rickshaw Two Seater Tricycle Trike got 1 for sale if interested please contact

i have one of these tricycles looks like the same year.its in fairly good condition. im looking for a buyer .

i have one of these for sale. first $100 gets it.
let me know if interested @
thanks tony

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