May 29, 2009

Here Come The Sweet, Artist Print ABC's


Turntable Lab's having a site redesign sale, and DT reader Rolf has flagged a couple of great, limited edition, silkscreened alphabet posters that are even cooler at 20% off:

Above, Burlesque and Mike 2600's six-color alphabet is a full 24x36 [$24 down from $30]. Hmm, isn't B technically a cheeseburger?


Morning Breath's alphabet is a kind of poetry in typeface form, 3-colors, 18x24-in. [$32, down from $40 for a signed edition of 125]


And I don't know how big Alex Lukas's Comic Fans alphabet poster is; I just wish it were bigger, so the kid can learn her Golden Age comic book heroes without getting out of bed--and without getting my collection out of their vinyl bags and acid-free backings. 2-colors. [$16 down from $20]


Does anybody know what "S" is? Starck?

looks more like Stan Lee.

Ah, got it. Sunglasses and/or Shades.

In our house, we think it's s for Strong, although, now we may start using Sunglasses, too.

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