May 21, 2009

Bad Day At The Sit-n-Stroll Factory: NHTSA Recalls 55 Units For Faulty Harness Straps

Attention SkyMall Shoppers:


Or buyers Sit-n-Strolls wherever you are. If you bought one of the Barcalounger-shaped stroller-carseat contraptions in the last year or so, check your manufacture date. NHTSA has just issued a recall for the 55 units made on May 5, 2008.

Apparently, the little bundle of webbing used that day in the central adjuster section of the harness failed the federally mandated breaking test.

Defects & Recalls | TRIPLE PLAY / 4002 (SIT-N-STROLL) [ via dt reader dt]
Triple Play's slightly noisy corporate site []

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I knew there was a reason my instinct was saying Don't Buy This...other than the fact it is fugly.

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