May 20, 2009

Come Back, Fall! Awesome Coats At Chigo

Some friends are going to Tokyo, so I was just looking up the map to Chigo, the children's retail branch of the super-tasteful Landscape Products mini-conglomerate. And whoops, I clicked across these two coats so insanely awesome, they made me want fall to come and K2 to be three.

First there's this MODS coat from Dig Design which, at 17,000 yen, is practically half price--which is the same as free, right?


Then this fleece-lined nylon coat from Makie is just sick [and is either sold out, or half off, around 16,000 yen, I can't quite tell.] Makes me want to set K2 loose in an art gallery while I chat with the dealer--if there are any still in business next fall.


If it weren't such a crapshoot buying sizes six months out--never mind year or two--I'd get both these right now. Also if they weren't three hundred bucks for a one-season coat and on the other side of the world. Maybe I'll just pop down to Makie in SoHo to be sure...

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