May 19, 2009

25 Pedra De Sal: Portuguese Changing Table X Bicycle Mashup


Except for the linkless mention on Designboom, I can't find any information at all about Jacinta and Casimiro Costa, the parent/designer duo who apparently made this crazy contraption. Dubbed 25 pedra de sal [25 rock crystals], it's a mobile changing table cobbled together from a kid's bicycle [or tricycle?] and a piece of kitchen counter. Like I said, cuh-razy.


And you know what gets crazier? I think it's not just a changing table. Doesn't that kid look asleep to you? I just hope there's a brake.

'25 pedra de sal' - mobile baby care unit by jacinta and casimiro costa [deisgnboom via minordetails]


Brake, schmake: I'm more worried about that plexi-less gap in the rail -- regulation strangulation width, looks like.

if you need any further information about our mobile care unit...we will have great pleasure to do it, including more images...

my son used that mobile care unit until 6.5 is just for store all the stuff, specially kids clothes…

maybe not, another sun is coming

so …

our best regards Jacinta and Carlos (casimiro da costa)

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